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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

How do you guys get more traffic?

I get an average 3to400 views a day on EG articles, and even managed over 80K viewsfor one, but my stuff has been on there for 9 months now. Only started on triond in mid December, and though I already have nearly 200 posts on there, I only mage between 30 to 80 views a day.  Blogging is supposedly a good way to spark more interest, but what I want to know is how? It seems the attention span of the average web surfer is a maximum five minutes, so if you don't catch right away, you're probably buggered.  The things that prick interestr most are apparently either bizarre, wierd, or taking the mickey, but how you achieve the right mind set for such posts is still a mystery to me.  Still, I am enjoying what I'm doing, and that, surely, is the most important thing?

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