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Friday, 11 February 2011

Triond going very well

Hello again.
Well I now have 334 posts on triond, and am making around 40 cents a day, which is not much, admittedly, but far more than many other trionders manage.  There is no word at all about what is going on with environmentalgraffiti. After they halved the per views payments, everything about the site seemed to slow right down, in terms of submissions to it, so I have no idea what is going on there, Still averaging 400 views a day on there, so I can hardly complain, but still. Anyway, just wanted to keep you updated. Will be posting again in a day or two.

Monday, 7 February 2011


I have submitted several good posts the last few days on triond, but I am still struggling weith getting enough hits, which I will need if I want to earn any money. Environmentalgraffiti looks to be on a downward slope, which really is unfortunate, but then we are in tough times for everyone. I do feel that I am making real progress on triond now, and want to really push hard toget myself properly noticed, so I need to try even harder.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Anybody know what's happening?

I was mortified today when I got a payment from environmentalgraffiti that was only half of what I expected it to be. Turns out that they have slashed the pay per views by 50% overnight, so they must be having a lean time of it. Be a shame if the site folds, because it has been very good for me, though nowhere near as good as others. Am making real progress on triond now, but still need to get the viewing figures pushed upwards to at least 30k a month, if I want to earn any money!! Anyhow, for now the earning seems less important than the getting established, and I seem to be doing OK on that front. Will have more soon.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February staring on a good note.

It seems like my joining grabbedarticles.com has had a positive effect on my view stats at environmentalgraffiti.com  -  they appear to be going up, not rapidly but steadily so far, so perhaps there really is a good point to being part of it.  I also signed up to the bansy revolution, which the founders also feel will have a good weffect on viewing stats for those who take part.  Things are going really well with both greenbuzz and triond, lots of positive comments and views, so I appear to be doing something right, at least. I will keep trying to improve, keep posting content, and keep hoping that viewers find it interesting enough to want to view other thgings that I have done. There will be something in there for most every taste, I promise!